What is the different between propaganda and censorship, explain with example?

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Censorship and propaganda are different and have different purposes.  Censorship prohibits, such as not allowing Jewish writers to be published because they would harm the public morality. It is an act of removing or prohibiting something such as not allowing outside news to reach the public in Germany during WW II  because Hitler wanted his public to hear only the news of Germany's victories. Propaganda is designed to promote ideas or acts, to persuade people to think of an idea or action as something which will be a benefit.  In World War II, propaganda was used to persuade the German people that the Jews were to blame for Germany's defeat in WWI as well as any problems which beset the German people.  Posters, speeches and marches all promoted the idea that the Jews were worthless.  So, censorship is an act of removal and propaganda is an act of promotion or persuasion. 

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If my teacher ask me if the article is a propaganda or censorship. How can i differentiate?

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