What are the differences in the way settings affect the plot of both Oscar Castro Z's "Lucero" and Anton Chekhov's "The Lottery Ticket?"

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The settings of Anton Chekhov's "The Lottery Ticket" and Oscar Castro Z's "Lucero" are completely different. Ivan Dmitritch and his wife sit in their home in "The Lottery Ticket." Ruben Olmos, of "Lucero," walks in the wilds with his horse. 

The comfort of the Dmitritchs' home contrasts the lack of comfort felt after they realize that they did not, in fact, win the lottery. After figuratively spending the money, the couple comes to find out that they have not won. Outside of not having what they did not have in the first place, nothing changes for them. 

As for Ruben, the wilds of nature press down upon him. Although nothing really bad happens to him until the end, one could infer early on that the uncertain nature of nature will come into play. By the end, engaged readers come to find out that they are right. Nature is about to play a trick upon the man and his horse. 

Therefore, the setting of "The Lottery Ticket" illustrates the security the couple live within. The setting affects the impact of the plot. On the other hand, the ever changing natural world can have challenges which lie ahead at every turn. In Ruben's case, this is exactly what happens. The setting, wild and unknown, affects the outcome of the plot. 

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