What are differences between Theodore Taylor's book The Cay and the movie?

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As with any book to movie adaptation, changes are going to be made for a variety of reasons. In general, I would say that the screen adaptation of Theodore Taylor's The Cay is fairly faithful to the book. With that said, a huge difference can be seen in how each of the versions begin. The book begins on the island of Curacao, and readers get great narration about Phillip, his friends, and the general effects of the war even at a place as distant as Curacao. The German threats escalate, and Phillip's family feels the need to return to the United States. The ship that he and his mother are on then gets torpedoed, and Phillip wakes up on a raft. This all occurs several chapters into the book.

On the other hand, the film begins with Phillip and his mother already on board the ship, and Phillip is on the raft with Timothy within 60 seconds of the film beginning. This doesn't allow audiences to gauge what kind of character Phillip is before the raft in the same way that the book...

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