Examine the differences and similarities of the short story "All Summer in a Day " and the video.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I am going to make the presumption that the video in question was the 1982 version of the story.  Certainly, both works represent the idea that the rain on the planet Venus is inescapable.  There is a certain dreariness that is captured in the film that represents the same condition in the short story.  I think that the idea of Margot being fundamentally different is evident in both representations, as well.  Bradbury captures the essence of difference through Margot.  The reactions of the students to Margot's being different is also evident in the film and the story.  I think that the primary difference is in the ending of both works.  The film version shows Margot being the benefactor of the children's repentance, offered flowers in a sign of communion and solidarity at end of the film.  The story is much more bleak in this regard.  Margot is not really received.  There is little sign of reconciliation or even an acknowledgement of the intensity of wrong done to Margot.  Instead, there is a silent condition that falls upon the children with the realization that Margot is in the closet. In letting Margot out, there is little in way of emotional reflection present.   The film is able to assert that the children acknowledge their wrong and seek to make it up to her with the presentation of flowers.  This is a stark difference between the film and the movie.