What are differences and similarities between our society and the society in 1984?

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While Orwell's novel depicts a horrific dystopian nation where individuals have no personal freedoms and the government controls every aspect of society, one can identify numerous similarities between Oceania's civilization and America's modern society. In modern America, there are government agencies capable of spying on citizens at all times, which is similar to the Party's use of telescreens and the Thought Police. The National Security Agency (NSA) is a government intelligence agency that monitors and collects data on citizens in the interest of protecting America. Essentially, the United States government has the capability of spying on its citizens and can gain access to anyone's personal devices anywhere and anytime.

Another similarity between Oceania and America concerns the government's use of propaganda and scapegoats. Similar to the way Big Brother uses propaganda to create an atmosphere of hysteria and national support, the United States also has a history of spreading...

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