What are the differences and  similarities of Lady Macbeth between the movie by Roman Polanski and the play?

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Shakespeare’s Lady Macbeth can be acted as a fierce and intimidating presence who uses her power to drive her husband to murder the king. But Roman Polanski chose a different interpretation. Francesca Annis, the actress playing Lady Macbeth in his 1971 film, portrays Lady Macbeth as an almost childlike woman whose seeming gentleness stands in powerful contrast to her driving ambition. This interpretation emphasizes Shakespeare’s theme of the deceptiveness of appearances—Lady Macbeth tells Macbeth to “look like the innocent flower but be the serpent under it,” and in this film, she follows her own advice; she is the picture of innocence.

In order to create this “flowery” interpretation, Polanski made some changes. For example, in her first soliloquy , Lady Macbeth’s thoughts are done as a voiceover, which gives a passivity to her character, especially as her words are spoken in a quiet, high-pitched voice. The focus of the scene is on her delicate beauty as she silently reads the...

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