Krapp's Last Tape Questions and Answers
by Samuel Beckett

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What are the differences and similarities between "the three Krapps" in Krapp's Last Tape?

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The play Krapp's Last Tape takes place during Krapp's sixty ninth birthday and in the moment when Krapp is about to conduct his self-made tradition: recollecting his life experiences on tape, up to that very moment. 

Krapp is presently described as a single man whose only contact with people comes in the form of Fanny, a prostitute who visits him from time to time. Living alone in shabby accommodations, Krapp is an alcoholic whose appearance gives the impression that his habit has "caught up" with him for he is described under a not-so-flattering light:

...a wearish old man....trousers too short for him... White face. Purple nose. Disordered grey hair. Unshaven...very near-sighted (but unspectacled). Hard of hearing.Cracked voice. Distinctive intonation.Laborious walk

This dishevelled old man is presently listening to the tapes that he created on his 39th birthday, exactly thirty years ago.

It is safe to say that the 39 year-old Krapp is the strongest of the three Krapps that are shown...

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