What are the differences and similarities between Lily from Secret Life of Bees and Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird?the differences in how they each look at racism

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This is a pretty good question to me.  I believe that if I were to look at things that are different I would say the following.

Lily is from an abusive environment.  She accidentally killed her mother.  Her father is violent against her.  She does not have any extended family around.  She is shut off from the community.  She has to work and sell peaches.  She looks to embrace religion for answers in the form of the Black Madonna.  She is an only child.  Her father is uneducated. 

Scout has had a stable home enviornment with a loving father.  She has a strong connection to the community.  She has a brother. Her father is an educated man.  Her father respects her.

Lily and Scout both have a loving caring black woman to be a surrogate for them.  They are both white Southern females at a critical time in the evolution of the south.  Both witness the harmful effects of racism.  Both see the beauty in black people instead of the ugly lies that white society has thrust upon them.  They are both outspoken and courageous.  They both have lost their mother to death.

Lily has been raised by a father who viewed black people as being servants or hands not real people worthy of respect.  Lily is surprised to find that a black family lives the way the whites live and have an education.

Scout knows to respect people rich or poor black or white.  Her father has demonstrated that all men and women should be respected and have their wonderful qualities.

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