What is differences and similarities between Jonas and The Giver!!????  

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I think that one of the reasons that Jonas has such an effect on The Giver is because they do have a lot in common.  The obvious similarities are that they both have pale eyes and the Capacity to See Beyond, or special powers.  The Giver hears music while Jonas sees color, but both are abilities associated with emotional expression.  Both of them also believe that the people in the community are perpetuating a terrible and unjust system.

The main difference between the two is age and experience.  The Giver is old, and has had a life of pain and suffering both physical and emotional.  For years, he has held the community’s memories and watched the people continue to live numb lives.  He knows that it’s wrong, but he does not take action- until Jonas spurs him on.

Jonas is as young and naïve as The Giver is old and jaded.  He refuses to accept things the way they are once he learns the truth about the dark side of the community, and he takes action.

Both The Giver and Jonas are brave, because Jonas risks death by trying to escape and The Giver knows that he will suffer when Jonas’s memories are released back to the community.

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they are both receivers of memory

the giver is old jonas is young

they are both male


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