what are the differences and similarities  between Drama and Novel?  

Expert Answers
adipietrae eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Drama and Novel and the same in that they both tell a story of some sort.  They can also have similarities based on their content; they can both be comedies or trajedies, or follow like plot structures.  Sometimes there are even stories made into both novels and dramas. 

The differences are a little more marked.  Novels are always written in prose, or the traditional sentence structure, free of a particular rhythem or pattern.  Drama is usually written in the form of dialogue and can often employ more poetic structures.  They both have a plot, a main theme, and often both major and minor characters.

The main difference is that drama is meant to be performed.  The word drama actually means action.  Novels are meant to be read. Although novels sometimes have dialogue, it is not always included and is not a necessary part of the structure like it is for drama.

Often, novels are longer than dramas for the simple fact that people want to see the drama performed in one sitting and the novels is meant to be read over time.