What are the differences between Silas at Lantern Yard and Silas at Raveloe?

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In Silas Marner by George Eliot, the eponymous protagonist, Silas, is portrayed as changing dramatically due to the events that transpired at Lantern Yard.

Marner in his earlier life in Lantern Yard and been a well-liked and well-respected member of a small dissenting congregation. He was engaged to be married, and was a happy, well-adjusted member of his community. After he had been framed for a theft he did not commit, he changed radically.

The first major change is that he moved away from the city to a small isolated village and becomes a misanthrope, living in an isolated cottage, and avoiding human company. As well as retreating from society, he becomes a miser, hoarding the modest income he makes and focusing obsessively on his spinning. It is only after his gold is stolen and he discovers the infant on his doorstep that he slowly rejoins human society.


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