What are the differences between Silas at Lantern Yard and Silas at Raveloe?

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Silas's life in Lantern Yard before he came to the outskirts of Raveloe is described as being full of "movement" and "mental activity." Silas Marner was a faithful man, and he had many friends and a positive reputation throughout the town. Silas was held in high regard, he attended church and prayer meetings on a regular basis, and he had a close friendship with William Dane. Unfortunately, William Dane stole money from a senior deacon while Silas was stuck in a trance and blamed the robbery on Silas, and Silas was unjustly found guilty of stealing the deacon's money.

Depressed, jaded, and upset, Silas travels to Raveloe, where he lives on the outskirts of town and keeps to himself. Silas is an outcast in Raveloe and spends most of his time working on the loom and counting the gold coins he makes from weaving. The citizens view him with suspicion and caution until one day Dunstan Cass steals his money. Silas's life then changes for the better after Eppie wanders into his home, and he adopts her as his child shortly after being robbed. Silas ends up becoming a friendly member of the community and enjoys his new life with Eppie as his daughter.

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In Silas Marner by George Eliot, the eponymous protagonist, Silas, is portrayed as changing dramatically due to the events that transpired at Lantern Yard.

Marner in his earlier life in Lantern Yard and been a well-liked and well-respected member of a small dissenting congregation. He was engaged to be married, and was a happy, well-adjusted member of his community. After he had been framed for a theft he did not commit, he changed radically.

The first major change is that he moved away from the city to a small isolated village and becomes a misanthrope, living in an isolated cottage, and avoiding human company. As well as retreating from society, he becomes a miser, hoarding the modest income he makes and focusing obsessively on his spinning. It is only after his gold is stolen and he discovers the infant on his doorstep that he slowly rejoins human society.

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