What are the differences between the movie The Crucible and the play?  

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On the whole, Nicholas Hytner's 1996 film adaptation of Arthur Miller's play is a very accurate adaptation. It stays incredibly close to the original source material, and that is largely due to the fact that Arthur Miller created the screenplay for the film. Some changes were made due to the limitations and advantages of films. For example, the opening scene of the movie shows Abigail and the other girls doing their dancing in the woods. This does not happen in the play. It begins in Parris's room with Betty in bed, and readers learn from Parris's questioning of Abigail what supposedly happened. This question sequence happens in the film too, but audiences are much more confident that Abigail is lying.

Another significant change from the play is the film's inclusion of the pressing of Giles Corey. Audiences get to see Giles on the ground with heavy stones heaped upon his chest. Parris and other men are present and they aggressively question him and try to get information out of Corey. He...

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