What are the differences between the movie and book The Ransom of Red Chief?

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This question is tricky because there are two film versions of The Ransom of Red Chief.  Without knowing exactly which movie you are viewing, it is difficult to provide a completely accurate answer.  I am going to assume that your assignment is on the color 1998 version rather than the black and white 1950s version.  (It is a shame.  The 1950 version is closer to the short story, but it is difficult to find.)  The differences between the book and film of The Ransom of Red Chief are substantial.  

Probably the first thing you notice upon watching the movie is that the narrator has shifted.  The sheriff is the narrator in the movie; Sam is the narrator in the book.  Sam and Bill enter the story on a train in the movie rather than in a buggy.  The location of the movie changed.  In the movie, they are in Missouri, while the book takes place in Alabama.  In the movie, the fraudulent real estate deal seems to have Sam and Bill the victims, while in the book they are trying to...

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