Heart of Darkness Questions and Answers
by Joseph Conrad

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What are differences in climax of plot between Heart of Darkness by J. Conrad and Apocalypse Now by F. Copolla?

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You need to remember that obviously the book and the film are two very different types of media and so one has advantages and disadvantages that the other doesn't. To me, the central difference in the climax of the plot in the film is when Marlow kills Kurtz to the backdrop of ever-more wild and agitated music that really paints his confusion and ambiguity about what he is doing. This is a central difference between the two texts, because in the book, Marlow doesn't kill Kurtz, as he is already dying from an illness, but he does go and bring him back to the boat when he tries to escape. In the film, to my mind, the climax is much more powerful and visually disturbing as Kurtz is finally killed alongside images of a buffalo being slaughtered.

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