What are the differences between the book Great Expectations and the movie?

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Out of all the film adaptations of Great Expectations, the 1946 David Lean version tends to receive the most celebration. The film is quite close to the spirit of the original novel, capturing the gothic tone with its black-and-white cinematography and leaving the major episodes of the novel intact. However, it does cut quite a bit of material, such as Biddy's subplot. The implications of the ending are also changed: Dickens ends his novel suggesting but never spelling out that Pip and Estella end up together. However, the movie makes it clear the two are now a romantic couple, with Pip declaring Estella is now free and the two embracing.

The 1998 Alfonso Cuaron movie sets the story in modern times and in the United States, applying the classic American Dream to Pip's yearnings instead of an acute awareness of social class. The plot mostly follows the same trajectory as the novel. However, there are a few differences. The Pip character, now named Finn, becomes a painter. His sister...

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