What are some differences between women from Africa and women from America?

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readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In light of the great variability of people, this question will be hard to answer. So, I will try to answer in broad strokes. 

First, generally speaking women in America will be more individualistic. As you probably know, America is one of the most individualistic nations in the world. This will certainly have an impact on American women. In Africa, there is more of a communal or tribal mindset. The group matters more than the individual. 

Second, women in America will also most likey be more materialistic. Part of the reason for this is also based on our materialistic society. On many ways, Americans define themselves by what they consume. Africa is not quite like this, as materialism has not seeped into society as much. 

Third, women in America will be more educated. Again this is a general statement, but there are many more opportunities for women in America than in Africa. 


pranitingale | Student

A women from africa as well as a women from america will differ a lot in many ways. Factors such as climate, tempreture, culture, position etc will have an influensive impact on both the types of women. Since the africa has been cut off from the great development among the world for many a years, the womens living there will not be more developed in the fields such as education and technology. As the africans ancestor were rolled in tribal works and ways they may too has technique , language related to their ancestors. Both type of womens may also differ in colour due to their position near to the equator. They might have too adapted themselves according to this climate in many different ways as they could. Since america is one of the best industrialised continent most of there murt have employed themselves in these types of jobs while africa is richly saturated with minerals and ores so, many a families might have been working as a laboures there. Hence, people living in every corner of the world may differ with geographical, economical as well as cultural factors.