What are the differences between a speech and a presentation?

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wordprof eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Let me point out the differences and then invite you to put the idea in paragraph form.  Better learning that way.

A speech refers to the method of delivery (see the formula for communication:  sender-receiver-code-static-medium, etc.) -- a speech is given orally by a speaker to an audience (literally, the "hearers"), even though it may be (and usually is) written beforehand. (There are also "impromptu" speeches.)

A presentation, on the other hand, can combine speaking, visual rhetoric, media production (slide show, video, sketches, etc.), and very often includes a real object, such as a sample, a specimen, a mock-up, a demonstration, etc.

The other important distinction between a speech and a presentation is the motive(s) of the speaker/presenter.  A speech is usually a voiced point of view, one side of an issue that can be "argued" or" seen" in at least one other way.  A presentation, on the other hand, "presents," introduces, or reveals an idea or object (such as a new product).