In "Sonny's Blues," what are the differences between Sonny's personality and his elder brother's?   James Baldwin's "Sonny's Blues" Explain in detail, please.

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There are those who have read James Baldwin's powerful story who have also felt the musicality of the words and the arrangement of time.  And, just as there is both the intellectual and the sensual perception of this one narrative, so, too, are the narrator and his brother two parts of a whole.  In a manner of speaking, then, Sonny is the darker side of the narrator.

For, it is the sensual personality, suffering in his private world, seeking escape in heroin, meaning in music that is Sonny; while it is the intellectual personality, the Algebra teacher, fighting logically against his Harlem neighborhood by living in a better building, by being educated, by attempting to dwell in the cerebral areas that is the narrator.  With the age and personality difference between them, little communication and understanding is effected.

Not until his daughter Gracie dies does the narrator begin to realize that he and Sonny share anything:  "My trouble made his real."  After having been in drug...

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