What are the differences between product theory and process theory in writing? i need to explain differences between product oriented writing and process oriented writing,for instance, how one is viewed as recursive process and another as linear

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“Process theory” was a term invented by composition theorists in the 1960s and holding considerable sway over university writing pedagogy in 1960-2000. It reflected an emphasis on a multi-stage writing process, using consisting of some combination of pre-writing, writing, and revision, and frequently involving peer group exercises. “Product theory” was a term used by process theorists to describe all other writing theorists in all periods and all countries who did not follow their ideology – there was never actually a movement known as product theory. One reason why the process model has generally be replaced by post-process and other theories is that people’s writing processes vary widely, and as long as the results are good, eventually process is a matter of individual choice and temperament.

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