What are the issues in thinking about environmental, technological, and strategic ideas from an economical point of view?

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If you are looking at things from a point of view of economics, then you need to keep money in mind. This is twofold. First, you need to think about how to make money, and second you need to think about not wasting money or doing things in a more economical way. 

When you look at it from this perspective, then there may be conflicts of interest. Here is an example. It might cost so much money to preserve the environment. So, if the environment is the goal, then economics may have to suffer. Here is another example, do we drill for oil and seek after natural resources in Canada for the sake of economic gain? If you want to preserve the environment, then you must be willing to forgo economic gain. 

The same can be stated technology, but this time it may actually help profits. In short, these element may or may not help businessees. All things need to be weighed carefully.

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