How do you profile a serial killer and a murderer, and what are the differences from a profiling perspective?

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The process of profiling is a complex one where the information gathered at a crime scene is used to begin a profile of the perpetrator. Other information about the killer is added as the profile is built using information gathered at the scene, from other people, and from the autopsy.  Did they leave evidence behind indicating a disorganized killer?  Did they remove every bit of evidence and eliminated prints by using rubber gloves which would indicate planning and an organized killer?  Or do they end up somewhere between which indicates they have some characteristics of both.  A murder is killing once rather than using many opportunities for killing which would be a serial killer, or killing in a series.  Murder can have many motives such as a crime of passion, killing the boyfriend of a vulnerable daughter or killing a wife's lover.  a crime of opportunity where robbing a vehicle or store goes wrong which means the robber becomes a killer.  A serial killer is different and is profiled in a different way using the method of murder, the choosing of each victim, the amount of time between killings, and whatever distinguishes this serial killer. 

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