What are the differences between the main characters in "The Sun Also Rises"?complete details please.

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renelane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jake does not expect anyone to pay his way. Jake occasionally has to return to the States to work and make money to travel. He pays his bar tabs and vacation expenses. Jake is also controlled in his emotions. He does not give in often to them, and this is why he cries only at night when he is alone. Jake's friends respect and love him for himself. He does not have to make grand gestures, and he is not a selfish person. He is very realistic. He knows that although he loves Brett, they would never work out because of his injury.

Robert attempts to buy his friends. He is often temperamental and childish. His pursuit of Brett is unrealistic. He believes that one tryst entitles him to Brett's heart. He has conveniently forgotten that he cheated on his girlfriend and sent her away to pursue Brett. Robert does not have any true friends or allies. They either tolerate him, as Jake does, or use him for his notoriety that stems from his book.

Brett believes she owes nothing to anyone. Not fidelity, and not money. She has "paid" and feels no guilt about her Lack of money(with Mike). She has moments of being unrealistic, such as hoping she and Jake could find a way to be together. Brett feels that no one but Jake truly knows her, and she has few true attachments other than Jake.

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