What are the differences between Jane Eyre and Blanche Ingram?    

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Blanche Ingram is a character foil that helps to shine light on the heart of who Jane Eyre is, simply because Jane never goes out of her way to explain herself to the reader. This is the first big difference between Blanche and Jane. Blanche is haughty, pedantic, self-absorbed, and obsessed with the material world. Her reasons for wanting to marry Mr. Rochester are purely rooted in money, and she believes that due to the disparity of their attractiveness, he will be an easy target for manipulation. Jane, on the other hand, has little use for the material. She is introverted and enraptured by the fantastical, and this reflects her true and honest love for Mr. Rochester.

There is a very present irony in comparing the two as well. Jane seems to have a diminished opinion of herself, as if there isn't really anything to her personality. For Blanche, whose name is derivative of the french for "white," this is actually true. Though you would never know it from asking her, she, like her namesake, is...

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