What are the differences between Angelica and Bradamante in the Italian epic poem, Orlando Furioso?

Expert Answers
thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Angelica is a selfish individual while Bradamant is a steadfast and selfless individual in her quests. Bradamant displays this through her steadfast love for Rogero by getting the magical ring in order to rescue him the same ring that Angelica takes off with. Angelica causes the rifts between Charlemagne and his peers for her personal benefit. Angelica is not as brave as Bradamant, who is a maiden knight. She is constantly on the run and unable to fight for herself, this leads her to getting captured by an enchanter. Angelica constantly uses people to get out of trouble and shows no gratitude even after she is helped, contrary to Bradamant, who prefers to wage her own battles. Angelica displays this behavior by pretending she is in love with Sacripant the King so he can provide her with protection. She does the same thing when offered a ring by Rogero to protect herself, instead she cowardly takes off with it. 

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