What are the differences between an almanac and a yearbook?Library question.

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Both almanacs and yearbooks are annual publications that document various events of a specific year. However, an almanac basically concentrates on scientific data, while a yearbook records events of a specific school or organization during the year. Almanacs usually cover a specific calendar year (January thru December) and include such data as

  • astronomical information such as the times of sunrise and sunset and eclipses
  • times of tide changes
  • the best dates for farmers who are planting crops
  • weather forecasts
  • holidays and festivals
  • various lists and timelines 

A yearbook, or annual, is a documented record of events, most often used in schools and colleges. Yearbooks are predominantly photo-inspired with a more limited amount of written information than almanacs. Yearbooks are not necessarily restricted to a calendar year, but usually encompass the time period of the organization (for example, August thru June in the case of most schools). Yearbooks are usually broken down into various sections, such as

  • sports
  • faculty
  • students by individual grades
  • organizations or clubs
  • school life and news
  • advertising

Yearbooks are also used by military organizations, and many are now digitally produced for use on the computer.

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