What are differences between aerobic and inaerobic respiration?

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aerobic respiration is with air. Humans are an aeriboic organism meaning that we breathe in air. When you say, inareobic respieration i am assuming that you meant anaerobic resperiration and that means to breathe with out air similar to a fish.

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Aerobic respiration takes place in the presence of free oxygen. As usual, pyruvic acid is first formed from glucose by glycolysis. Pyruvic acid is completely oxidized through the Krebs citric acid cycle and the hydrogen transport system to yield carbon dioxide and water. Oxygen serves as the final hydrogen acceptor. For each molecule of glucose completely oxidized to carbon dioxide and water, 38 molecules of ATP are generated.

In anaerobic respiration of some bacteria, hydrogen is passed on to oxygen which is not in the free form. It is found as a part an inorganic compound such as sulphate or nitrate.