Describe Jean de Crevecoeurs essay Letters from an American Farmer. Describe Abigail Adams' letter to her daughter as well.

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Jean de Crevecoeur's Letters from an American Farmer ignited the interest of Benjamin Franklin and European philosophers. He covers topics about living in the American colonies and participating in the building of a new way of life that range broadly from discussing the absence of nobility and aristocracy in America to stories about snakes including one about a snake's poisonous fang got embedded in a man's boot and killed everyone who wore the boot to long discussions about watching hummingbirds for hours on end. Crevecoeur learned English at the age of sixteen and is under-educated so his writing style is rough but he has an exciting and captive narrative voice even though there is a strained effort to compose his thoughts. The theme of Crevecoeur's essays is that America was the sole hope for rejuvenating Western civilization.

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