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What are the differences between the Hamiltonian and Jeffersonian visions for the United States?

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Hamilton's vision was a Federalist vision. He believed in the establishment of a strong, centralized government that would restore order at home and allow the United States to become a major player in international affairs. To this end, he was a staunch advocate of the Constitution. He was also instrumental in setting up the first federal bank, which allowed the United States to pay off the enormous debts it had accrued during the Revolutionary War.

Hamilton's vision was of the United States as a world power whose wealth would be based on finance, industry and commerce. And it's this vision which closely approximates to how the United States has developed since Hamilton's day.

Jefferson's vision was radically different to Hamilton's. As a firm believer in radical republicanism, he was deeply distrustful of strong, centralized government. To him, this smacked of the kind of tyranny that the American colonists believed had been...

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