What are differences between Anna Sewell's Black Beauty and the movie?

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There are a few notable differences between the original book and the eventual film retelling of the story. While it is desirable to translate everything from text to the silver screen accurately, sometimes it is unfeasible and there are aspects that are not as appealing cinematically as they are in written form.

One thing that is done for cinematic impact is to develop the romantic narrative between Black Beauty and Ginger much earlier in the film than in the book. Almost immediately, Black Beauty expresses interest in Ginger. However, in the book, it wasn’t addressed for several chapters. Additionally, various storylines have been condensed and events relegated to different people in order to make the story fit within the overall context of the film. Notably, when Black Beauty’s master, John, is driving him in the rain, instead of changing course after the bridge collapses, he tries to drive the horse over the precarious bridge. This is done to condense that storyline and show his...

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