What are the differences between how African-American kids were treated during slavery and how white kids were treated during slavery? How can I make a Venn Diagram about this?

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There are some similarities and differences between African-American kids and white kids during slavery. The similarities are fairly basic. Both groups of kids had a desire to learn. If African-American kids would have been given the opportunity to learn during slavery, they would have done this. Many African-American kids dreamed of being able to go to school. Both kids enjoyed the playtime when the time allowed for it. Also, kids are kids. They go through similar stages of cognitive, emotional, and physical development.

There are far more differences between African-American kids and white kids during slavery. African-American kids were far more likely to be separated from their families. It was very common for slave families to be split. African-American kids were not allowed to go to school. They weren’t allowed to learn to read or to write. African-American kids were also working on the plantations doing various jobs while the white kids attended school or had private lessons. White kids were able to attend some social functions. African-American kids attended these functions only if they were working the event.

There were differences in how basic needs were met. African-American kids lived in basic shelters that often had no bathrooms or firm beds. They were fed the most basic of food. Some meat was occasionally served. Beans and other vegetables were commonly served. Many times the food was in short supply. White kids more often lived in nice houses, and had a wider variety of foods to eat. The African-American kids who were slaves on their plantation often served them. African-American kids had the skimpiest kind of clothing while white kids more frequently had nice clothes to wear.

There were far more differences than similarities when comparing African-American kids and white kids during slavery.

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