What are the advantages of succession planning for all levels of management, instead of just top management?

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Succession planning within an organization provides that organization with an expeditious and effective way of ensuring that interruptions that occur due to a turnover in personnel are limited in scope and consequence. A well-run business involves individuals at all steps of the organizational ladder who are invested in the organization’s success. Individuals at each step of the ladder should aspire to climb that ladder. As such, each person does what is necessary to understand and execute not just his or her job requirements but those of the individuals above him or her on that ladder.

This can be tricky, as insecure managers fear those below them who they perceive as overly ambitious, thus fostering resentments that can impair productivity and poison the atmosphere. Similarly, some subordinates are overly ambitious and not above manipulating processes and outcomes for their own benefit—ultimately, at times, to the detriment of the organization’s well-being.

This said, succession...

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