What is the difference between the written play and the film version of Pygmalion?

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The major difference between the play Pygmalion and the musical film (dubbed My Fair Lady) that it was later made into is also one of the most controversial aspects of its adaptation. This difference is quite simply the ending of the story. 

Pygmalion finishes with great emotional distance between its two protagonists. After continued conflict between Higgins and Eliza, Eliza proclaims that she is prepared to marry Freddy, her timid suitor, and leave Higgin's household permanently. Eliza and Mrs. Higgins leave to attend Eliza's father's wedding, but not before Higgins demands that she complete a series of ridiculous errands (pick up ham and Stilton cheese and purchase reindeer gloves and a new tie). Eliza boldly orders Higgins to, "Buy them yourself." She sweeps out defiantly, leaving Higgins in a cloud of deep...

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