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What is the difference and similarities between algae mushrooms and viruses?? I dont understand what kingdom they belong to and if they are concider plants or not if they are living or not?

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Algae are organisms that produce their own energy through photosynthesis, the same way plants do, only they are NOT classified as plant nor animal, but a different kingdom called PROTISTA or Eukaria, which are primitive forms of life that did not evolve.

A virus is a parasite that enters its host to replicate and use the host's own life cycles to survive. A virus, contrastingly to Algae, does not produce its own food, nor is considered a living organism, but instead a noncellular structure that is dependant on a living organism.

A mushroom is a fungus largely composed of water, and are heterotrophic,  multicellular and/or filamentous.

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