Animal Farm Questions and Answers
by George Orwell

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What is the difference between the pig Napoleon and Joseph Stalin in George Orwell's Animal Farm?  

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One difference is the sheer number of deaths.  Other than a few animals in show trials--most notably the Minorca hens, who destroy their own eggs and a few sheep--Napoleon kills very few.  On the other hand, Stalin killed millions of people.  Napoleon is willing to let Moses the raven spread his view of religion in the form of Sugarcandy Mountain while Stalin forced religion underground by killing priests and repurposing the old Cathedrals.  Stalin after WWII declared his nation the first nation that was fully atheistic.  Stalin also kept all of the focus on his person and killed anyone who seemed to garner too much favor with the people; hence, he killed many of his top generals in the 1937 Purges.  Napoleon, on the other hand, maintains his own loyal following of pigs that he does not thin out.  Maybe these pigs are of doubtless loyalty to Napoleon, but many allegedly loyal Stalinists were killed in his purges.  

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