What is the difference between the Nurses Association and the Nursing Council?

bohemianteacher4u | Student

The American Nurses Association has an established code of ethics that includes interpretive statements developed by the Ethics Committee.  The Association is a paid organization that many nurses join to have a professional link with other nurses, obtain updated news about the practice, learn about additional certifications and resources, access courses for continued education, obtain personal liability insurance, and have advocacy representation.  The Association is similar to the National Educator’s Association because the funding provided by nurses to become a member is used to maintain the Association with the intent of having an agency that looks out for nurses and legislation changes that affect nursing practices.

The role of the Nursing Council is to establish criteria for licensure for nurses and ensure protection of people by proving assessments to determine if a person qualifies as a nurse.  The council is a regulatory authority verses a membership association.  The council has the responsibility of maintaining a plan or strategy to establish and ensure that nursing standards are met and maintained.  Members of the council also address problems related to complaints against nurses.  For example, if a situation results in a family reporting a nursing home’s failure to administer mediation correctly and the person who received the medication becomes ill, the council will conduct an investigation to determine if a nurse was at fault and determine any actions that need to be taken.