What is the difference between national highway and international highway give one example of each

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bmbnowicki3 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A national highway runs through a particular country, often across several states or provinces. An international highway runs through more than one country and runs across the border of at least two different countries. In the U.S., examples of national highways include I-15, U.S. 66 (the infamous Route 66), U.S. 80, and many more. U.S. 20 runs from coast to coast and is one of the longest national highways. An example of a national highway in Britain is the M3. 

A well-known international highway is the Pan American Highway, which runs through the North America and much of South America. The Karakoran highway, 800,000 miles in length, runs from China to Pakistan. In Europe, international highways are designated with an E, followed by a number, such as E18 or E99. In Europe, international highways running north to south have odd numbers. Those running east to west or vice versa have even numbers.