What is the difference between the manager and the leader in an organization?

Expert Answers
thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A manager is a fairly precise term, referring to a specific form of supervisory role. Part of what defines a manager is a job description that includes the responsibility of acting as a bridge between higher level figures, such as executives, and workers. Normally several people report to a manager and a manager reports to someone higher in the corporate hierarchy. Managerial responsibilities may include hiring, staffing, monitoring employee performance, planning, and working out operational details.

The term "leader" is actually quite vague. It does not refer to a designated job description or specific set of responsibilities. Sometimes it is simply used as a term of praise for a good manager. Sometimes it refers to a person who motivates, inspires, or influences other people in an organization regardless of nominal job description. Often the term "leadership" is associated with charisma.