What is the difference in the internal anatomy of a dicot and monocot leaf blades?

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Monocots and dicots are different types of plants.

Monocots have embryos with a single (mono = one ) cotyledon. They have flower parts (petals, anthers, etc.) can be found in multiples of three. Their leaf veins run parallel to one another.  Their steam vascular (xylem and phloem) are scattered. Finally, the roots of a monocot spread throughout the soil. 

On the other hand, dicots have two cotyledons (di = two). Their flower parts are found in multiples of four or five. Leaf veins of dicots are reticulated (spread from a main central vein). Unlike the monocot's, the stem vascular bundles of a dicot are found in a ring formation.  Lastly, taproots are characteristic of dicots. 

I listed characteristics other than leaf anatomy so this will be more helpful.

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