What is the difference between the Giver and Jonas, other than age and experience, in The Giver?

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Jonas and the Giver are different because The Giver understands what is really happening in the community and Jonas does not.

Jonas and The Giver both have the Capacity to See Beyond, which means that they have the special ability to see and experience the community’s memories.  This is a unique trait that very few members of the community have.  They are also alike in many other ways.  Both are sensitive, compassionate, and empathetic.

The main difference between Jonas and The Giver is that Jonas still believes that his community is perfect.  He has bought the community’s publicity, so to speak.  When he begins his training, he is only twelve years old.

The Giver first has to explain to Jonas that the community is storing memories in the Receiver of Memory.  This is a new concept to Jonas.  It means that...

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