What differences exist in the dialogue of two speakers from The Cherry Orchard?

Expert Answers
rtandon eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In very simple terms, dialogues reveal character and also contribute to the tragic-comic mood of the play . Let us take two important characters from The Cherry Orchard - Peter Trofimov the eternal student in the play and Yermolay Lopakhin the businessman. Consider the exchange of dialogues between the two and how it adds to the dramatic tension in the play. If you are considering the differences, then it would be their differences in ideologies and class structure. In terms of dramatic significance, their sharp exchange of dialogues often adds to the humor/comic elements of the play. For example in Act Two, notice the exchange of dialogues -[Lopakhin- He's nearly fifty and he's still a student.] ... [Trofimov- My opinion of you is simply this, Lopakhin. You're a rich man. You'll soon be a millionaire...]. Dialogues also show a contrast between characters, notice the language used for each character. Trofimov is shown to be intelligent and sharp in his dialogues whereas Lopakhin uses ordinary language which also shows his lack of a good formal education which often makes him feel inadequate and inferior. Similarly, once can contrast the dialogues of Mrs. Ranevsky and Varya or Firs and Gayev and show how the dynamics of characterization comes across strongly through the exchange of dialogues.