What is the difference between British and American Romanticism?

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Romanticism in Great Britain and America developed different characteristics largely due to the very different histories of the respective nations at the time. The British romanticists were looking for a new way to view a very old culture. They wanted to move away from the highly rational and academic thinkers of the Enlightenment and offer a countervailing view of the world. Writers like Blake, Wordsworth, Shelley, and Byron wanted to emphasize the power of the imagination, the beauty and sublimity of the natural world, and the wisdom of classical cultures. English Romanticism marked a turn towards subjectivism, as well as a return to older aesthetics, both medieval and classical.

The United States, on the other hand, was young and without much history on which to draw. The country was experiencing a period of unbridled growth, and new possibilities abounded. American writers were searching for a uniquely American voice, and the Romantic movement allowed for such a development. Unlike...

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