What is the difference between trans fats and other fats?

sciencesolve | Student

Like saturated fats, the trans fats (margarines), also reffered as solid fats because they are solid at rootm temperature are considered potentially harmful because they can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease by increasing of LDL cholesterol.

Since the trans fats are mainly obtained while processing food, hence, they will negatively affect the function of delta-6-desaturase enzymes because they are not naturally produced by human body.

The synthesis of C-reactive protein is promoted by trans fatty acids intake, leading to arterial inflammation.

The process of insulin binding is also activated by trans fatty acids intake leading to complications in diabetes.

dawndavis13 | Student

Trans Fats also knows at unsaturated fats, raises your LDL (Low -density LipoProtein) Cholesterol, which transports throughout the body and into your arteries where deposits build and harden your arteries. and lowers your HDL (High Density LipoProtein) Cholesterol where it picks up extra cholesterol and transports it to your liver for processing.

LDL Cholesterol increases your chance of heart disease.  Common oils that are bad for your LDL Cholesterol are Palm Oil & Coconut Oil.

Other fats that are beneficial to the body and raise your "good" Cholesterol (HDL) include Olive Oil, Canola Oil and Peanut Oil and should be used instead or incorporated in your diet.

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