What is the difference  between teacher and student ?  Don't give here  an answer as like the simple difference between student and  teacher ... anybody can give that answer easily, only the...

What is the difference  between teacher and student ?  

Don't give here  an answer as like the simple difference between student and  teacher ... anybody can give that answer easily, only the special person can give true answer ....

I am waiting here your posative responce ....


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I agree. The teacher as the source of knoweldge in the classroom should be a lifelong learner. In addition, as the professional, teachers are expected to conduct themselves with a professionalism and maturity regardless of how students behave in class. Students are still growing and maturing.

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Lori Steinbach | High School Teacher | (Level 3) Distinguished Educator

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I'm with #6 on this.  A teacher is actually always a student, learning from all kinds of people and places in order to continue teaching students.  The goal for most teachers, as it should be for everyone, is to be lifelong learners--no matter where or from whom that learning comes.

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The Talmud says that a person learns a certain amount from his teachers, from his colleagues even more, and from his students the most.

Based on this, we can describe the difference between a student and a teacher is as follows:

A student learns from his teachers and colleagues, whereas a teacher learns even more, because he learns from an additional source, his students.

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The simple answer is the teacher is the individual who provides information and the student is the person that receives the information. However, there is much more to teaching than simply providing information and hoping a student catches it. To quote French philosopher Joseph Joubert "To teach is to learn twice", as teachers we never cease being a student also. We must be life time learners, and some of our best learning comes from our students. It is the teachers job to allow the students to have opportunities to think for themselves and to learn from their own thought processes.

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In a formal sense, the main difference between teacher and student is the amout of education.To be a teacher, one must attend school for a certain number of years; take varied courses relating to one's discipline, as well as general courses; and earn either one, or two degrees, depending on the level at which one plans to teach. Some go on to that third level, the Doctorate, which allows them to teach at the graduate level.

All good teachers are always students in a very broad sense of the word, and sometimes teachers take classes where they are actually students of other teachers once more. All students are teachers in a broad sense as well, in that they offer new and fresh perspectives to the materials that their teachers are using in class.

The more we learn, the more we realize that there is too much for one person to learn in a lifetime.

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Everyone is a teacher, while the person recieving the information becomes the student because everyday you learn something new...Isn,t that right?

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A teacher remains a student always... but a student can have a potential for becoming a teacher. To be a teacher is more difficult because you have to get prepared for the possible questions raised by your students... for this purpose a teacher must have clarity in his or her thoughts, concepts and knowledge. He or she must exhibit good communication skills also.

As far as the matter of a student is concerned, a student works for his/her own self, whereas a teacher works for his/her students as well.

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a teacher has more education than students and they teach the students. but the students learn from a teacher and are usually younger than teachers