What is the difference between strategic, tactical, and operational management?

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i will explain it how much i know.hopely it wil help u and clear your concept.

There are three levels of management in an organization.Strategic management,tactical management and operational management.Strategic management is the higher level of management in an organization.Strategic management involves making decisions about what business the organization should be in and what its overall objectives should be.Strategic management's planning is long term and considers where the business wants to be in two to three years time-longer in some cases.Strategic management has the highest authority.It includes senior managers,chief executives,M.D,etc.

Tactical managments are termed as intermediate management.They have lower authority than strategic management.Tactical management involves making decisions about how an organization should go about achieving the overall objectives determined by strategic management.Tactical mangement decides what needs to be done within that year to implememt the plan of strategic management.

Operational plan: This management translates the goal of tactical management into operational.It includes operators.the daily routine based work is done by operational mangement.This is also known as operating core.

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