what is the difference between rules, policies and procedure??plzz compare these three

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kmarvinusf eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Some examples of rules might be: Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat, Follow directions quickly, Keep hands and feet to yourself, Show best effort.

Some examples of Procedures might be:  Sharpen 3 pencils before the bell rings.  Turn in homework in the blue bin upon entering the classroom.  Tables line up quietly as called by table numbers.  Wipe desktops, stack chairs, and meet on the rug for dismissal.

Some examples of Policies might be:  Turn in all monies-collected forms in a dated envelope the day the money is recieved.  Students are not permitted to walk unaccompanied in the hallways.  Students must have a written note signed by a guardian if they are planning on going home a different way.

indugupta | Student
  • A Rule is that which is prescribed or laid down as a guide for conduct
  • A policy is a guiding principle used to set direction in an organization. It can be a course of action to guide and influence decisions.
  • A procedure is a particular way of accomplishing something. It should be designed as a series of steps to be followed as a consistent and repetitive approach or cycle to accomplish an end result.

We can understand the difference between Rules , Policies & Procedures with the help of the following example:

Every school has a set of school-wide rules that students are expected to follow. Many of these rules relate to safety and management issues. Rules are outlined in a school handbook. They are created by district and school personnel and are reviewed on a yearly basis.

Policies are set by the school board. Policies guide rules and procedures used in schools and classrooms.

Classroom procedures are created by classroom teachers. These specific procedures help the teacher or teaching team with organizational issues. They help keep the class under control and keep things moving in an orderly fashion.

suribabukomakula | Student

A procedure is a systamatic direction through which one can follow the things to do in a right path. Procedures are nothing but right paths. Any body will get fruitful result if he follows the prescribed procedure.


A policy is a decision taken by a Management concern to set forth some aims and objectives for growth and development of the company, firm or organization.  A policy is not changeable from time to time. It is a long run set of goal to derive the desired results. Policiies are made on broad mind, with a view to communicate good governance of a company or firm.

A rule is such that it is a doctrine to observe by one and all. Rules can be made from to time in consonance with the circumstances prevailing in the society and modern trends of business activities to suit to the needs of the people, employees, firms etc. All the rules are subjected to legal scruitiny. Rules can be relaxed at times of need, depending upon the circumstances and situations prevailing.