What is the difference between renewable and non renewable resources?

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Renewable resources are those resources which are easily regenerated once they have been consumed or are available in such a large quantity that they will practically be sufficient for all future generations.

Non-renewable resources on the other hand are those which have a limited availability and once used are not regenerated or the process of regeneration takes millions of years.

The concept of renewable and non-renewable resources is used most often with reference to sources of energy. Renewable sources of energy include solar, wind, tidal, etc., which are available in abundance and which we will not run out of. Non-renewable sources of energy include petroleum products, coal, etc. which once used will not be renegenerated as we have also consumed the sources from which they were created.

Several resources like water, soil, agricultural products, etc. are renewable if used in a responsible manner and we leave enough of it unused so that the resource is regenerated at the rate we consume it.

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