What are the difference between popular music and traditional music being composed in the 21th century?

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Let us first examine the two descriptors of music in the question. Music that is described as "popular" is just that. It is music that is consumed by a large portion of the populace. It is also an innovation of modern culture. Music that is described as popular is often easily digestible and generally does not seek to make the listener work at understanding or enjoying it. However, popular music is often clever, innovative, well performed, and enjoyable. Traditional music is often considered to encompass roots, Americana, bluegrass, and New Orleans jazz. It is not as popular, as it is not meant for mass consumption but rather is composed at the pleasure of the artist. The term "traditional," when referring to music, is often describing non-western or improvised music.

In the 21st century, popular music is composed for mass...

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