What is the difference between the Persian and Assyrian empires?

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The Assyrian Empire enjoyed a much longer history than the Persian. It was one of a collection of nation-states in the ancient Near East that persisted more or less continuously from the 3rd millennium BC until its spectacular fall in 612 BC. Ancient Assyria was located in northern Mesopotamia, bordered to the south by Babylonia, to the north by Mittani and the Hittites, and to the west by Egypt. These states traded and warred with one another during much of the 3rd and 2nd Millennium BC.

With the rise of the Middle Assyrian Empire in approximately 1400 BC, however, the balance of power began to shift and Assyria began to dominate its neighbors. Assyria conquered Mittani and Babylonia during this period, and only an alliance between the Hittites and the Egyptians prevented their further spread. During the Bronze Age Collapse, Assyria survived the incursion of foreign invaders that marked this period and entered the classical period of antiquity in a strong position. During the...

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