What is difference between notes of lesson and lesson plans?  What is meant by group borad ,group display board and classwall magazine ?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that one significant difference between notes on a lesson and a lesson plan is that the latter embraces the former.  The lesson plan is a way to present information to the students.  It is precise in terms of identifying learning targets, what students should get at the end of it, contains different form of assessing information, and will break down content in a way that students can demonstrate mastery and understanding of it.  Notes on a lesson can fit into this.  For example, if a teacher recognizes something that they need to integrate into the lesson plan, they can work those notes into it. At the same time, notes on a lesson can operate in a reflective capacity.  For example if a teacher goes ahead and teaches a lesson plan and then thinks about ways to improve the lesson, they make notes on the specific lesson and then integrate it into the next lesson plan or the next time they undertake the lesson plan in question. It is here in which notes on a lesson become a part of the lesson plan.

The class wall magazine could involve student writing or reading that is publicly displayed.  For example, a class wall magazine could involve what students have read or written in a visual manner.  It is sort of akin to a blog that is tactile and public, for all to see and for all to contribute.  A class wall magazine in this manner is something that can enhance the classroom community, as all students have a visible and active role in what needs to be done.  Along these lines, a group board and group display board have similar visual and tactile functions.  Yet, I tend to see a group display board as something that a small group of students have created in regards to a specific project.  The group display board displays the group's finding and reflects their grasp of content in a poster board or visual type of manner.  The group board can be more general, something applicable to the entire group, such as number of books read in a month or gold stars for commendable behavior in class.

Lorraine Caplan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I am not sure that I can answer your question completely because different schools might use different terminology, but I can certainly give you some ideas that might help you.

A lesson plan is a highly structure document. It includes the name of the class and the date the lesson is to be given. It has sections for objectives, materials, activities, procedures, differentiation, and extensions.  I am going to make a guess that notes for a lesson are an abbreviated form of a lesson plan that you might keep with you in the classroom to help prompt you from one activity to the next.  Certainly, few teachers have time to sit down and look at a formal lesson plan as they are teaching, particularly in elementary school.

I am not really sure about the names of all these different boards, but a magazine board would most likely include articles written by the students, while a group display board might include work created by a particular group in the classroom.  For example, if there are different groups for reading, each group might have its own display board.

I hope this helps.  Good luck to you.