What is the difference between Medical Science and Medical & Health Science?I'm not sure if they are the same or different. Please help!  

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We should keep in mind that Medical Science,Medical, and Health Science usually tuckles the issue about Science. So the difference between these three are the following:

1. Medical Science-it usually pertains or deals the maintenance of health and the prevention (preventive measures) and treatment of disease (interventions for health).

2. Medical- usually talks about the preparation to be used in treating diseases or applying interventions that literally involves surgical or non-surgical practice to promote well-being.

3. Health Science- is a field that usually tuckles multidisciplinary. It also involves the combination , psycho-social, bio-medical,  aspects of societal health, and  health care. Furthermore, it pertains or focuses about the design and explore about the ,medical-technological, organizational health interventions. Lastly,  Health Science also tuckles or touch the issues about the application the knowledge to achieve or attain health and improve the quality of life of the human kind.                

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